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Code collectively before working together. Evaluate candidates to collaborate and communicate

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Hire One-Stop Solution for Your Technical Assessments

The Test Rabbit Evaluation Engine is a complete set of services that will assist you in hiring the greatest developers, evaluating programming expertise, and keeping them engaged with challenging coding exercises, collaborative pair-programming sessions, and gamified coding competitions.

Evaluate Candidates Quickly & Accurately

Test Rabbit’s scalable and secure platform gives you the power to deliver meaningful technical assessments that are tailored to your individual needs. With our AI-powered analytics, comprehensive reporting, and real-time tracking of progress, Test Rabbit is the perfect one-stop solution for your hiring process.

Casual Hiring

It’s essential to hire as soon as possible. As a result, use our text-powered solutions to keep your prospects informed.


Tech Skills Assessment

Screen your applicants and extract real-time scores in order to reveal the strongest candidates for the technical interview.


Live Tech Interviews

Watch them code or invite them to join you. Assure they’re the right fit by recreating how you’d collaborate to accomplish it.

Take-Home Projects

Take a look at how someone approaches a project by giving them the opportunity to work on it in their free time.

University Recruiting

By providing a link to a test or take-home project at colleges, you may broaden your recruiting pool with new talent.

Professional Hiring

You need a hiring solution that lets your teams operate faster than their competitors while also maintaining high standards.

Payment Plans

Evaluate skills for any technical position, including software engineer, designer, project manager, marketer, data scientist, and QA.

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Our Customers

Test Rabbit results-driven technical hiring solution is in common hands of top-notch global enterprises to hire top vetted talent 2x times faster, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what they had to say.


The technical tests conducted by TestRabbit are an invaluable resource for finding the right talent for our organization.



TestRabbit for Talent has been a great resource for finding the perfect fit for our organization.



TestRabbit helped us quickly find the best technical talent to fill our open positions.


South Africa

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Frequently asked questions

Discover answers to various questions in our extensive FAQs section.

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What is TestRabbit?

TestRabbit is an AI-powered technical hiring solution that helps enterprises hire top vetted talent 2x times faster. With our platform, employers can easily create assessments, screen applicants, and track progress in one place.

What type of candidates does TestRabbit target?

TestRabbit targets all tech-related positions, from software engineering and DevOps to data science and machine learning. We also help employers find the best candidates for product management, UX/UI design and other roles.

Does TestRabbit offer any support services?

Yes! In addition to our powerful AI-driven hiring platform, TestRabbit offers a range of comprehensive support services including tailored onboarding plans, custom training, and 24/7 customer support. We also provide on-site technical assistance and job board integration for larger enterprises.

How does TestRabbit make hiring more efficient?

TestRabbit streamlines the entire recruitment process by automating tedious manual tasks such as resume screening, candidate assessment, and interview scheduling. This helps employers save time and resources while they search for the perfect candidate. Additionally, our AI-powered platform allows recruiters to quickly identify and assess qualified candidates who match the criteria specified in job postings. This ensures employers find the best talent for their roles quickly and effectively. With TestRabbit, hiring has never been easier!

How can TestRabbit help me find the best talent for my company?

TestRabbit helps you quickly and easily vet potential candidates through a series of interactive technical tests. These tests assess a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and aptitude in real time so you can identify the right fit for your organization faster than ever before.

What kind of questions am I expected to answer?

Each plan has access to at least 1 question for each of the eight types of questions available on TestRabbit. This allows every strategy to evaluate all Roles and Skills. There are 14 distinct kinds of questions in 3 categories: General, Programming, and Project-based inquiries supported by TestRabbit.

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